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The term used to describe a pokemon with a lot of ethnic backgrounds. Rhygenes are usually found in grassy areas with a lot of sun and have a high amount of HP. They are usually highly leveled, if you catch a rhygene you are lucky, because they area one of a kind pokemon.
I was playing pokemon last night and I found a rhygene!
by rhygene April 25, 2010
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most of the time a short female attrative and funny. Very shy aroun new people but open to good friends they have a thing for tall gay asian guys but that never works out. By high school year rhygene will go out with an asian guy (most of the time japanese or korean) thats still in the closet then end up with the guy friend that always comfort her during the realationship with the asian dude. Rhygenes are also terribly random
you rhygene whats wrong with you that guy you hooked up with makes a circle look straight and bleeds rainbows.
by Queen of Englins fire April 10, 2010
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