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The middle name of corrina.She is one of the most beautful girls in the world.actually probably the prettiest girl in the whole can never get your mind off her.once u talk to her she is the only girl you will ever think of.she is shy,and doesnt know how to express herself but once u get her talking all you want to do is listen.someone tht is tough and can handle her buisness and truly an amazing person.they love zelda nd have mean dogs tht bight testicles.beware!!!.. in all she is the perfect girl and if u have her you must try as hard as you can and not let her go.because in reality there is no one like her and ahe is the girl most people wish they had but only 1 person can hav her.she amazing and would be the world greatest one in this world could even compare to her:)
jello:Hey man who is that girl she is so beautiful

Nate dawg:Psh way out of ur league

jello:Dude ima talk to her I think she is a rhealin
by bowlio October 25, 2013
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