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Retreat From The Global.
Extension English 1 Module B elective: Utter death.

In the late twentieth century, the development towards a global culture has eroded traditional boundaries of time and space. Through the globalisation of communications, knowledge has become at once global and local. Choice and circumstance have created a range of individal responses to this changing reality. Some individuals have embraced it, others have retreated from it. It has been warily accepted by some while others have challenged the values of this new global culture.
Hey, have you done that RFTG essay yet?
Nah, I enjoy my sanity too much.
#globalisation #globalization #english #retreat #extension
by Jess43284 August 07, 2007
RFTG stands for REACH FOR THE GUN. A young band based out of upstate New York. Playing Hardcore, 2 step, Metal music. A 5 piece band.
Have you ever heard the band RFTG?
#rftg #hardcore #2 step #metal #myspace
by Travis RFTG May 05, 2008
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