a well aged vehicle, often found on the rez, with many dents, an unmentionable amount of rust and odor, as well as missing numerous key elements such as, but not limited to side view mirrors, functioning engine parts, either bumper, any or all four hubcaps etc. any of the aforementioned parts may also be fastened by an adhesive such as gorilla glue, scotch, duct or any other various form of tape. also known as a beater.
"man, i had to retape my bumper on today."
"what a rez car."
by anishinaabe January 24, 2010
A car that can be started with a screwdriver. Plastic covering one or more windows. Mirrors may be missing or secured with duct tape. Brake lights may covered with red tape. Has a rag for a gas cap. Four bald tires. A car long passed it's prime.
That piece of shit your driving is a real rez car.
by Resdawg2 May 26, 2005