Reverse discrimination is the term used to allow discrimination against a majority politically acceptable. (usually whites)

Prevalent in most colleges and corporations.

What makes all white males have a disadvantage at life (except for their rich parents).
He was half african and half native american so he got into harvard with a B+ average.

He got a huge scholarship for being *non-white race/ethnicity*

*Other reverse discrimination tactics*
by Transpolar Drift Stream July 18, 2011
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when some one other then the race of caucasian goes on tv and speaks negitivly about white folks. or when they do it at work or in wal-mart. and then a white man says something the black man is not at all faulted for his attitude or biligerance or discrimination but the white man is looked down upon. however if the white man says "nigger" or "black ass" he then has commited discrimination. therefore revese discrimination does not, in fact, at all, exist. it is a non-existant never happened cliche.
ever watched dave chappelle? he came out with this segment of a white family with thier last name niggers. he was the milk man and walked in and said yall are a bunch of lazy niggers.
heck i thought it was histerical even though i am white but let a white man be a milk man and walk in and say that to a black family. that would be discrimination.
i just reversed it too. did you catch that? i, a white cracker honkey peckerwood just reversed the discrimination on the revese discriminator on urban dictionary.
by EDDIE B December 27, 2004
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