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verb; to get reverend-pwnd

doesn't have to be a reverend.

can be any christian person that comes up to you and asks if you believe in god/jesus, etc...

you, being the nice, well mannered person you are, kindly say no

they then begin telling you about their religion and trying to convert you

you resist, since you already 1)have another religion 2)don't believe in god and is an atheist or 3)are agnostic

but being so kind as you are, you don't want to be rude and brush them away, so you end up getting an hour or two of your time wasted

ain't that great?
*friend1 is talking to friend2*
*reverend walks by*
rev: hi, do you believe in god?
f1: umm... not really...
*friend2 backs away, knowing what's going to happen*
rev: well, god sent down christ to die for your sins
f1: umm... ok...
*reverend goes on for an hour, while friend1 continues nodding his head and asking himself when this is going to stop*
*and hour and a half passes*
f1: well, i sorta have a doctors appointment now, i gotta go...
rev: well, come to church sometime!!! i'll be waiting!!
*f1 whispers to f2*(let's get the hell out of here)
f2: dude, you just got reverend-pwnd

i just got reverend-pwnd last saturday...
by oh SHIT... December 13, 2009
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