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Tendency for 3rd-generation immigrants to return to their home-countries' cultural roots as shown in the rise of clanguage and other manifestations of cultural cross-polination.

This trans-border, trans-cultural phenomenon lead many of these multi bi-bi (multicultural, bilingual-bicultural or 'multi-culti'), to a mental illness called 'cultural relativisim'.
For show, Arab Americans (who are nothing but a bunch of Americophobic pseuds!), when they return to the home 'cuntries', they find that they also can't fit their King-of-The-World-sized heads in a small place where people are still looking for the NBH (Next Bowl of Hummus)!
The main product of this retro-cultration is the 'Nowherian': one who's trying to return to his/her forefathers' country, only to find that they don't fit in there.
by hammer---;, hytham April 13, 2007
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