Shoe fetishism; one who is sexually aroused by shoes or footwear.
I'm really into retifism--there's nothing hotter than a woman wearing high heeled shoes. Love those stilettos!
by elementalangst May 20, 2006
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(Verb) : see also retifism

*to retif.

To skeet skeet over a new pair of fresh kicks. The act of
Physical ejaculation when have purchased and first put the left foot into a new fresh pair of swag nikes.

1. I just retif all over dem kicks.

2. I'll need a napkin cause when I put on these nikes there's gonna be a skeetsplosion.

3. "Oh my god, look at these shoes"

See also retifism
Retifism, shoe fetish, foot fetish, feet, nikes
by Elliot Jones Bones October 14, 2013
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