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Pronounced <Rhee pee U blick Can>

1.)A homophobic man or woman who is usually –right wing- politically and intolerant…Who have the sexual maturity of a 12 year old prepubescent boy.
These people for some reason believe that a small portion of human society would want to marry toasters and use the phrase “sanctity of marriage” to disguise their apparently bigoted views on GLBT People.

2.) People who would seem to believe in fairy tales rather than science. And to spite the fact that GLBT people are who they are due to genetics and not choice or environment. Repuublicans still choose to through away science and embrace ideology or theology.

3.) Unbelievably dumb people who have no concept about sexuality with the exception of creating more and more population. Most of which force Christian –pro-life doctrine on women. Thus lower sex to the purpose of procreation only. And women to the task of breeding. Repuublicans believe that women have less rights than men. Especially in matters of procreation.

4.) A puritanical intolerant person. Who rejects science and embraces fundamentalist –Levite can views about sexuality. Most are ignorant and lack any form of understanding of anything that is outside of the confines of their belief system. Which they hold as the only true belief system.
Examples of repuublicans:

There are many examples of people who are repuublicans.

The entire bush family..
Mel Gibson
The Pope.
The entire staff of fox news.

These Are but a few examples.
by AnitChrist September 10, 2006
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