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Common words or expressions of distasteful origin. These are generally listed in two categories, exclamatives and homophones.
Exclamative repugnyms are generally acceptable abbreviations of vulgar expressions. Examples of exclamative repugnyms: 1) “mother” from “mother fucker.” 2) “suck” from “cock sucker.”
Homophonic repugnyms were started as tasteless jokes. Because the terms had utility and the tasteless origins were largely obscure, they became common descriptors. Examples of homophonic repugnyms: 1) cockpit; 2) manhole and manhole cover; 3) mail (male) box; 4) Palm Pilot.
The repugnym was all to familiar to the pilot who laughingly told the passengers that he would be in the cockpit during the flight.
by Truckdriver November 28, 2009
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