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I just read a post on this site for the word 'libtard'. I feel as though it is appropriate then to have a 'counter' word that what I am sure many believe is a basic fact without an appropriate name. I therefore submit to the World Audience the new word 'Repubdubyas'- the basic meaning as a descriptive noun of the mass of Republican voters in the US that seem to believe all the nonsense that some GOP 'leader' propogates. The word is a mix of Republican and Dubya - think the meaning is really obvious to anyone enlightened enough to remember the last 8 yrs....
Oh, it was just a Repubdubya that called me a libtard so I just had to feel sorry for the poor brainwashed bastard.

Oh there are extra links in the description to aid any Repubdubyas (maybe pubdubs for short, hmmm...) with difficult word meanings.

Those pubdubs really beleive that Iraq was involved in 911 don't they, then why are we in Afganistan?
by TejasRob June 10, 2008
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