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1. An unexpected, unintended, unwanted, detrimental, and/or failed outcome of a management-directed reorganization.
2. A mere expectation expressed overtly or covertly as either a valid or sarcastic criticism of management or the man, by an organization's employee or stakeholder who has prior experience associated with the first definition; or prior experience with any reorganization that resulted in disruption, micromanagement, employment changes, or "fixing something that isn't broken."
3. Management’s persistent attempt to make a failing or failed reorganization succeed, typically to the detriment and chagrin of everyone involved with the organization.
4. A type of fail.
5. Can be a tool of crisis management, or it can result in crisis management.
6. A word that could be used by a person who is simply afraid of change, in reaction to a good management decision.
John: It's a stupid idea! Such B.S. Just when I was getting accustomed to the garbage that we're putting up with after the previous reorganizaster, here we go again...another internal assessment and more interference with our real work. We'll be the laughing stock, and morale is gonna suck.
Bill: Yep, here comes a reorganizaster.
Office Memo: Please put your comments and recommendations in the suggestion box. They will be considered.
by Backwater Lunatic April 13, 2013
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