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The two best friends ever. They're perfect together and have been together almost all their life. They are both beautiful, and argue over who's more perfect, and neither of them want to admit they're beautiful. Morgan has the eyes. And Renee has the wardrobe. Morgan is constantly going through Renee's clothes. They both love to eat. They'll go to college together even though one is younger than the other. Eventually they'll have kids. Renee will be a great aunt to Morgans kids, and Morgan will be a great aunt to Renee's. They'll be together forever. And even though they're young, about teenagers, one of them has already found their love. Those two will stay together. Even though high school is coming. Morgan and Renée are sisters, and will be forever.
"Hey look there's Renee and Morgan, together AS ALWAYS!"
by Maglatron March 09, 2014
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