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RendeZook - from video gaming; while dogfighting in aircraft - bailing from your aircraft and shooting down another aircraft with a rocket launcher and then re-entering your aircraft
Examples: "oh man someone finally pulled off a rendezook in X vehicle from Y game, check it out on youtube!"

Battlefield 3, to perform a rendezook a player aims his jet straight up, ejects (which sends him upwards, due to game code working to move players upward instead of in relation to the plane), aims down and shoots an RPG destroying his enemy at his tail, then his jet catches back up with him falling and he re-enters the jet.

Planetside 2, mechanic allows the player to roll the jet / ESF and eject upwards slightly if inverted (again eject angle allows the player to travel in a motion outside their vehicle in relation to the vehicle and catch back up to it), to rendezook the player begins the roll, ejects and then shoots a decimator / rocket, destroying another aircraft, then re-enters the jet / ESF.
by nooglide September 23, 2013
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