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She's never hu with someone before, but it is written in the stars for her to become a thotty. Her biggest fear is clowns, her favorite person is her older sister. Her older sister that lives with her is the emo one, she is the most intimidating one out of all of them, she doesnt let shit slide, and has thrown a lot of bitches for crossing her. She gets back at people through violence and revenge . Her other older sister that lives away is the sweet one with a great personality, it takes a lot to get her mad, but when she gets mad she has no problem chewing you out with multiple paragraphs and speeches that will leave you crying. Her older brother is just a dick to anyone that tries to cross anyone in his life. he can do this through a single stare . A lot of rumors are spread about remeica, but only because she is the prettiest girl in her school and the most popular. Every guy wants to get with her, which makes every girl hate her. She is very fun to hang with and she loves smiling. Her sister that lives with her gets a lot of rumors spread about through New orleans about drugs, her two older siblings get a lot of hate from their parents . But she is one of a kind and everyone should fear her because she has a whole gang of siblings that could ruin a bitch that tries to cross any one of them. So dont fw this bitch or her family, cause they can seem nice one second, but can snap your neck the next.
Just dont fw a remeica . period.
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