a)One person in the failed relationship doesnt want to be there.
b) Both people in the failed relationship don't want to be there
c) One or both of the relation-ers want to decapitate the other member of the relationship.

Thus, it becomes a relationshit.
Often occurs when a significant other steals/lies/cheats/becomes clingier than plastic wrap or you JUST START TO HATE THEM.
Heather: How's your relationship with Tyler?
Rebecca: I hate the way he breathes. I hate the way he eats. I hate the sound he makes when he watches football. I want to hit him with a car the majority of the time i see him.
Heather: You got yourself a relationshit.
by chippednailsxx December 15, 2008
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A relationship with a significant other that has gone sour and both parties are too scared and/or lazy to call it quits.
I'm stuck in a crappy relationshit with Jenny.
by Mojo March 01, 2005
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Relationshit: what you're usually up to your neck in when your girlfriend says, "We have to talk..."
Also, the stressful aspects of being in a relationship with someone; the part of the relationship before it ends acrimoniously; pretending you like a woman so you can have sex with her.
That woman was so high maintenance; I never had to deal with so much relationshit before in my life." or, "After Karen caught me flirting with Suzie, I was in relationshit up to my eyebrows!
by J-Bullets November 24, 2010
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A relationship that has gone bad, probably just about to finish; aggrevating, painful and irritating for both participants.
"How long have you been going out now? Six months?"
"Yeah, but man, it's turned into a relationshit..."

"Can I have your number?"
"Look, I dunno...I like you, but I'm in a relationshit....Ah, screw it. You're hot."
by thisisarelationshits January 04, 2010
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what most couples have or what most "happy relationships" will turn into. a whole lotta b.s. of pain and suffering yet for some odd reason you can't walk away from...
"Sometimes you meet somebody and you have what is known as a relationship and things can go great. If things go great you have a great relationship. Sometimes it doesn't go so great and I call that a relationSHIT!"

-Dane Cook
by chchewy June 22, 2007
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