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A strawman used exclusively by radical leftists that blindly think that apolitical people and centrists are the scum of the earth. Usually by those that constantly abide by cherry picked quotes from Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky and Desmond Tutu to prove their points instead of using their own brains.
SJW: "Dear regressive center scum, if you choose to be neutral during times of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor."

Level headed person: "Yeah, over some punk kid robbing a convenience store and the media channels shamelessly labeling him as an angel? In that case, I'd rather 'choose the side of the oppressor' than to be involved in your 'moral' hive minded opinion that blatantly defends a guilty criminal."
by Martin Luther Cream June 25, 2018
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People who believe the correct answer is always in the middle and that violence is always bad unless it is carried out by the police or military of their own country (unless it happened decades ago and they can safely condemn it).

Though they rather insufferably pretend they are the only people with nuanced belief systems, their ideology is actually as simplistic as it gets; it requires absolutely no knowledge or critical analysis, only a firm and radical commitment to centrism for centrism's sake.

Because of their simplistic belief system they are easily exploited by reactionaries, who by their very nature are unscrupulous and love to manipulate anyone they can. Thus despite claiming to hate both sides equally, they end up literally fighting the far left on behalf of the far right, allowing the far right to focus on putting their genocidal plans into motion.
After everything that has happened in 2017 I hope the regressive center will fuck off shortly
by Valerie Morghulis December 06, 2017
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