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An act of one-upmanship in which one inserts Google search results into a chat with the intent of surpassing an obscure reference with something even more obscure or esoteric. As such acts of regoogletation follow one another the chance for being busted with an elgoogable reference increase significantly. The word itself is a portmanteau of regurgitation, retaliation and googling.
Tubalcain: Bruce can't not know about something. Whatever you say he's going to throw out an elgoogable for.
Spooork: I think he has Male Answer Syndrome. Why don't you regoogletate him next time and see if you can get him looping.
by Spooork August 12, 2009
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When you ask someone a question and they simply answer by regurgitating google information and passing it off as their own knowledge
Do you know the answer of did you just regoogletate that from your phone?
by Bekarella March 19, 2017
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