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A condition where an individual born with a grotesquely disfigured face that proliferates to extreme levels of ugliness with age. Regisphoma is asympotmatic until puberty at which point the ugliness metastasizes to all internal organs and bodily functions. Telltale symptoms include mild retardation and deterioration of the spine rendering it nonexistent . Only one individual has ever been documented with this condition.

Symptoms: Lack of spine causes the inability to keep pants up at the waistline and the tendency to act like a doormat in relationships. Mild retardation results in failure to lock bedroom door during masturbation, a strong preference for gay thai men as hairdressors, and a mouth that is incapable of keeping a secret.
*Knock knock*
Eric: What?
*Jason 2 opens door*
Jason: Dude, what are you doing?!
*Eric covers himself up and frantically reaches for remote to shut off tv*
Eric: Why'd you open the door!?
Jason: You answered 'WHAT'!!! Answering 'what' means 'it's ok to come in!!!' Why wouldn't you lock the door?!?! GAAAAAAAAHHH

John: What happened.
Jason: I just walked in on Eric jerking off. Why the hell wouldn't the idiot lock the door?
John: Must be his regisphoma acting up.
by Who do you think?! October 17, 2006
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