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-Girls that go to Regina high school complain about the school almost 24/7 but will defend it if ever insulted by an outsider.

-Sometimes they're known as sluts but really aren't all that bad, only some
-they have average GPAs
-they get extremely hype over powderpuff
-regina has the best lunches ever

-we're known for our cookies by everyone in the school
-hanging mustangs in the halls
-associated with dls even tho they disgust us
-not all of us like dls!!!!
- there's so much drama it makes you cry
-you'll end freshman year knowing who their real friends are
-girls fake as hell
-hoes on the down low
-basically no dress code
"Hey where do you go?"
"Regina High School!"
"What's that?"
by Reginahoe June 07, 2017
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