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Someone who still supports President Bush after

1) Tax Cuts for wealthy
2) Illegal criminal Iraq war based on bullshit claims of WMD
3) No WMD found
4) Bin Laden still out there
5) Iraq al Qaeda link to September 11th found to be bullshit based on bipartisan committee
6) Tens of thousands of lives lost in Iraq and Afghanistan
7) The horrible mess that is Iraq now
8) Bush compliments the FEMA head and then fires him

A refucklican is not a rich person who benefits from Bush's tax cuts and supports him, but still knows he is totally inept. That is a rich, selfish, douche. A refucklican is one that actually thinks he is a great president.
Why didn't Bush lose for re-election? I mean, I thought only the top two percent income brackets would vote for him! Easy, because faux news and the crap spinning from fat fuck Karl Rove's office convinced all the refucklicans to vote for Bush in addition to the wealthy, greedy rich and powerful! Damn rednecks!
by Blazin' heavy September 14, 2005
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