(verb): to lick someone's face. Created because of actor Norman Reedus's penchant for licking people's faces.
"He's so fine I just want to reedus him."

"He reedused me and it was so hot."
by Luvrte66 June 11, 2013
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An Actor Who Gained A Cult Following With The Movie "The Boondock Saints" And Who Has Recently Become An Enormous Fan Favorite On The Overwhelmingly Popular Show "The Walking Dead" As Daryl Dixon. Along With Being Ruggedly Handsome And Charming, Norman Is Known For His Photography, Art, And Roles In Small, Independent Films.
by Movielover April 28, 2013
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sexy, Norman Reedus, awesome, amazing, perfection, SEXXXYYYYY
by JESUS BEYONCE September 14, 2010
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An amazing actor, model and cat lover. He stars as Daryl Dixion in The Walking dead and is in Sky. (Both amazing things to watch, I recommend) He and Andrew Lincoln have a bromance.
Norman Reedus is my favorite actor
by KarolinaTheSpeller January 11, 2017
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a perfect example of one of gods greatest creations.
perfection is Norman Reedus
by neighbor 182 June 9, 2021
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As seen in Boondock Saints.

He was a Prada model, and now he makes occasional, crappy independent films, which is fine because he's still hot.
Norman Reedus is in another bad film.
by _lolz January 24, 2005
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The act of traveling up and down mountains and hills on foot and/or on motorcycle while carrying packages, running with packages, sneaking with packages, and drinking Monster Energy. As seen in the hit TV show “Ride with Norman Reedus.”
I was Mingus-Reedusing for 14 hours today on Death Stranding. Please help...
by mingusfanatic March 28, 2020
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