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Reeble \Ree"ble\ (r=e"b'l), a.
ree·ble reeb’l (comparative ree·bler, superlative ree·blest)

Antonyms; Anti-Reeble, Weak, Suck, NotCoolEnoughToBeReeble, Losers, Not Hacking.

Invent/Discovery :
<1337Reeble> VIP Jokerfit
Publication :
<1337Reeble> God Spike
1. To be part of the reeble clan,

2. Reeble; Spike, Jokerfit, BlackJack, Killer, ownage, ownt, pw3nd, hax0rs!, Dead, Destroyed, Killed, Slaughtered, Massacred, Awsome, Cool, 1337.

3. Being full of Reeble, better than everyone else.

4. To reeble, in ones sleep.

5. Reeble at someone; scare, frighten, disturb.

6. To play on Heist and win, as always.

7. Have fun even if you lose, and only lose because you'r not trying and letting them kill you.
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