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1. Any online gamer on xbox live that whines and complains every time he is killed by an opposing player, it does not matter if the way he died was legit or not, either way he will cry about how much of a noob you are or how lucky you are that your the host with good connection. This gamer will always tell you that you are trash even though his kill to death ratio is 35 kills with 28 deaths. If you are able to counter all of these points he tries to bring up he will then tell you how another game is way better then the one you just owned him in because he knows he cannot beat you in the one you are playing.

2. a crayon that is rebuilt from scratch
whining xbox live kid - DUDE, your so lucky your host or you would have never killed me!

billy - dude, your host, what are you talking about i killed you fair and square.

whining xbox live kid (after being killed a second time) - OMG, ARE YOU SERIOUS? your such a noob, dude your trash bro, i'll smoke you any day!

billy - calm down dude you want to 1v1 me?

whining xbox live kid - no bro im going to go play my $20 game i got from the clearance section at gamestop because it's so much better then this noobish game, get muted fag, later!

billy - wow dude stop acting like a rebuilt crayon!
by el rey infared December 16, 2010
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