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another term for retard, normally used to describe someone acting stupid or silly, but can also be used to describe an actual retarded person.
"Don't be such a fuckin' rebab."

"Frank was shaking his head like some kinda fuckin' rebab"

"I felt bad for laughing at that bus full of rebabs"
by Nicky the Bool December 22, 2008
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/ˈri bab/
a conversation you have between friends to motivate one another and to pump up their self-esteem. Stems from the acronym β€œRemember Your A Bad Ass Bitch” RYABAB
Hey work is killing me right now and I have no motivation, can we rebab?

I am in dire need of some rebab, Peter just broke up with me.

SOS, rebab.
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by yeebudddy July 25, 2018
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