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"Reasonist" is an archaic word that has no modern use, so I submit adopting it to define what an atheist actually is. "Atheist" is a demonized word that relies on what we DON'T believe in (theism) to define us. This is absurd, and is like calling oneself an "a-astrologist" or an "a-alchemist". Instead, there are astronomers and chemists, who have a positive label for the science they pursue.

Atheists are driven out of the communal dialog based solely on this label alone. It is time this is changed, and "Reasonist" defines exactly what we believe in: REASON. We leave faith to the theists; for us, reason is not only the tool, it is the entire toolbox itself, for without reason, theism would not even exist as a philosophy or even a concept or a word. We are reasonists.
I do not have any beliefs in gods because I am a reasonist.

As a reasonist, I do not endorse faith as a means to knowledge.

I know Mao and Stalin were atheists, but I don't define myself as what I am not, I define myself as what I am, which is a reasonist.
by George Scileppi December 27, 2007
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