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Fear from reality, that can be gained by told deterrent informations about world and reality to a victim, victim saw how can be reality cruel, etc.. Because of that, victim wants to be mostly in virtual reality (games, social websites, etc.) to ''run from reality''. Some of them can have suicidal thoughts, passing stress, nightmares, demophobia or insanity.
From my experience I had a friend with ''realitatemophobia''. He had those psychical effects. He is now in mental hospital. He wasn't leaving his home much, only when he need to buy food, water, shower gel etc., he was mostly sitting in front of the computer. I visited him and he didn't want to turn off computer. I turned it off by myself. For few minutes he was ok, than there comes passing stress and demophobia (fear of humans). I called ambulance.
by CoffeeK_ September 19, 2016
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