Internet message board dedicated to discussion of the living god Rasho Nesterovic.
Was founded by the husband/husband pair of LittleOzzy and Darrick Murray.
realgm is an internet message board where bargnani paints
by Eastfan January 12, 2010 is a basketball site (though it now has sections for baseball, hockey, and football) which features very active message boards. Realgm forums are known for their meaningful, thought-provoking discussions that may or may not include "IBTL", "KG or Duncan?", "you're a homer", or "he's overrated". The Off-Topic board of realgm cannot be viewed by guests, as most would find its awesomeness too much to comprehend, however the OT board cannot be phased out because it is an essential source of life for many post-padders, and without it they might wither away and die.

Notable realgm posters include Manocad, dunleavyjr, and Thug Life. Winterpeg is the oppresive, Mao-like dictator of realgm, and he ruleth with an iron fist. Ballboys are the least desireable form of realgm posters, and are generally seen as subhuman due to their low post count. They suck.
realgm poster: I have over 10,000 posts on
female: Please have sex with me.
by Johnny Boy LOL January 28, 2008