(adj.) Ready to explode.

(adj.) A woman with her mouth open, preferably on her knees.
The bitch wouldn't shut the hell up so i could watch TV. I was pissed, ready to blow pissed. It was at this time I noticed her mouth was open and ready to blow, so I pacified her with an erect cock. Shut her yapping for a while.
by Gumba Gumba August 3, 2004
''Lock, loaded and Ready to Blow'' is an way of saying ''i'm ready to do this shit!'', mostly used in EDM located-world. The term is also used in Steve Aoki's hit song of 2015 ''The Power of Now''
''what's the refrain of the song ''The power of now? - ''Lock Loaded and Ready To Blow''
by Rainbow Vic July 8, 2022