A Japanese American Club DJ, Record Producer, and founder of Dim Mak Records. Born November 30th, 1997. Aoki is a well known electro DJ around the Los Angeles area, also gaining fame pretty much all over the world. This guy turns clubs into a euphoric, rhymic, paradise. Check out his websites for tourdates and shows!


also known as: DJ Steve Aoki Kid Millionaire

Partygirl #1: "Hey did you hear? Steve Aoki is going to DJ that club!"

Partygirl #2: "No way?! I hear celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Joel Madden attend his parties!"
by kimbov November 24, 2008
Scoring cocaine or other illicit stimulants in Las Vegas, especially in Dirty Vegas.
John's gonna meet Steve Aoki in the bathrooms at the Golden Nugget and then head over to Binion's for a Blackjack all-night binge session.
by bubezleeb July 22, 2015