A euphemism for the action 'to chunder' or 'to vomit' due to the influence of alcohol or drugs.
'Mate where did Jimmy go last night? He was plastered..'
'Went to read the paper...'
'Did he read it thoroughly?'
'Front to back mate'
by Fullers October 16, 2008
What you should do when you know regular media ( except radio and newspapers) will drive you off the rails
Don't listen to fox News or CNN, go read the paper.
by Sexydimma January 18, 2022
A phrase used to nonchalantly tell someone that you are smoking marijuana. The phrase brings with it a large number of puns that can be quite humerus.
Friend: (Calls you on the phone) Hey man, what are you doing?

You: I'm just sitting around 'reading the paper'!

Friend: Sweet, so I guess you got the 'news'!

You: Totally got the 'news'!
by TheGreatBigD August 27, 2014