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The best and funniest youtuber known to man. Dr. Phil and Danielle Bregoli are featured multiple times on his channel.
by grethanslane February 10, 2018
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14 year old comedic commentator on YouTube with a channel simply called Benji who points fun at viral video phenoms and the content they would go on to make after becoming household names. Benji is from norway. (hes the best youtuber ever)
Rd Benji is the best youtuber ever
by benji lover March 13, 2018
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14 year old legend who ignores hate like a god and has a voice of an angel. nobody knows what he looks like but we all call him daddy. he lives in norway which means a lot of us Americans will never be able to see him:( Benji has almost gained 300k in very little time. take that lame paul!!! we all love our benji boy! — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —also a few questions (might be dumb to you but idk the answers to these tweet out the answers if you see this) 1:why does gutav have a hard accent and you sound american
2:do u speak more than one language?
3:do ur parents know about your youtube channel?
4:do your friends and classmates in school know about your channel?
5:if you are going to show your face at any point, can u please do a try not to laugh challenge your laugh is so cute and contagious!!
6:I know it’s hard to post when you have school 5 days a week like most kids, but your videos literally brighten my day and mood. During your minecraft intro video i laughed so hard i cracked my screen protector but it’s ok i still love you!
person 1: Have you seen benji’s youtube videos get? I really wanna know what he looks like.
person 2: OFC i have i love benji! His voice is so hot! don’t we all love RD benji
person 1: I wish i could meet him but he lives in Norway..
person 2:Benji is a 14 year old legand and god who we all call daddy
benji is talented!
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by benjis road to 1 mil May 11, 2018
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