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one of the oldest and most notoriously well known software piracy groups. they rip and crack popular games. they are a leechers best friend.
1) "yeah i've got a few fine razor1911 releases"
2) "an alleged leader of piracy group Razor1911 has been sentenced to 18 months jailtime in the US for piracy"
by xero July 03, 2003
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razor 1911 is a warez and demo group, founded in norway. its original name was razor 2992, but they shortly change from 2992 to 1911 as a jab ot other crackers who tended to overuse the number 666. 1911, translated in hexadecimal, is 777, which is the opposite of 666.

in 2006, they have released BF2142 five days before its official release.

in 2007, they have cracked the vista-only game Shadowrun, so also XP-users were able to play the game.

in 2007, they release the game Crysis five days before its official release.

in 2008, razor 1911 released GTA IV five days its release.

They have also cracked others games as well, like WC3, Half.-life , quake III, soldiers of fortune..

razor 1911
by F4T4L_3RR0R. April 10, 2009
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Piracy Group, Founded in 1985.

(1911 is 777 in the Hexadecimal number system (Base 16). 777 Is the opposite to 666.)
Razor 1911 released <insert game> a week before it was in stores!
by aNthraXx January 16, 2004
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