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Rawand is a beautiful girl she loves to be funny and lovable. She can get moody at times but in the end it all comes down to who likes to party more! She's very shy but gets out of her bubble when you gain her trust she gets guys but is very hard to understand very weird but in all words she's a good best friend !!
Wow look at that girl! Her names Rawand
by Hehe.-I'm high August 09, 2017
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Rawand is an beautiful girl.Her personality is amazing and breathtaking.Girls like Rawand will get their heart broken a couple of times but in the end she will find that person.Sges trustable and loves food.Her name means a sweet smelling flower and that 100% describes her.Amazing and lovable girl.If u like her tell her automatically because she might like u back but not tell you.Her confidence level is very high.Get yourself a Rawand.
Look at how amazing and beautiful Rawand is!
by Love her bitched December 29, 2017
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