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A fart which is released from someone's bare, unclothed ass. As opposed to a filtered fart which passes through underwear and/or outer clothing, a raw fart is smellier and will expell fecal matter and bacteria onto any nearby surface.
Person 1: Hey, why is Todd so sick?

Person 2: I released a raw fart into his silverware drawer.

Person 1: Wow, that will be the gift that keeps on giving until he's done using all those forks, spoons, and knives!
by Dr.FartScientist June 07, 2017
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Raw Fart

When you fart so raw that Gordon Ramsey has to come in the bathroom to bitch-slap you off the toilet and yell “THATS’S SO FOCKING RAW
Casual person: Ew, that smells like a raw fart
by Alfy Squigglebottoms January 20, 2018
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