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1.The point in which the skin of your testicles becomes raw and causes pain due to excessive rubbing or not wearing underwear with jeans etc.

2. Excessive chafing.
Man I should have worn underwear tonight, I definitely have raw balls tonight.
by Brostitute November 07, 2006
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any member of the public office that has to make their way around on a bicycle to do a service for which they get paid ,ie, postman ,courier .
did my letter not come yet ?it was mailed last week , oh the lazy rawballs must have blisters...
by Anna65 February 09, 2009
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n - when testicular sack becomes raw and irritated due to excessive use of toilet paper.
Dude, I had the worst stomach ache last night, and now I have raw-balls.
by Lalonorm September 29, 2009
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