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extremely outgoing, friendly, gorgeous, motivated, and brings out the best in people. She's a BAWS!
Did you see that girl at the drake concert?! She was a ravina
by shahrayray July 23, 2013
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Someone who will always be there for you. They know who you are, sometimes even better than yourself. A person you’re able to rely on for literally everything, someone who puts their own feelings to the side in order to try and help everyone and their feelings first. Someone who’s as smart as Albert yet clumsy as the three stooges including being one of the most beautiful humans on earth to ever live and walk on this shitty soil.
Damn ravina be fine as fuck with that knowledge
by IfUreadingDisUrGayLol September 28, 2018
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A cock sucking dyke who can't keep a dick out of his mouth. Loves a good ass fucking at the same time as giving his homeboy a good succ.
Friend 1- "Woah I heard brad was out partying last night"
Friend 2- " Yeah bro he got so drunk he pulled a Ravina"
by Uhhhh-YEYEYEYEYYEE September 27, 2017
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