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Rave kids are typically between the age of 14-23. They are those "kids" that want nothing more out of life than to go to every live jam/electronic show/festival possible. They most likely live with their parents, have a low-end job (making just enough money to buy tickets to these shows) and do unheard of amounts of drugs. Their typical attire is: overpriced hat containing ridiculous amounts of overpriced pins relating to drugs and/or bands, oddly grown beards (also known as "festy beards), latest t-shirt from their latest show or festival they've been too, hemp necklace and khaki shorts or pants. As long as they can hitch a ride to a show, pay for a ticket, and get completely messed up on drugs, they are happy. If they do manage to sell enough drugs or save up enough money to move out of their parent's house, it's most likely they will be moving to Colorado with friends so they can be closer to the shows. You're only "cool" to them if you also embrace this ridiculous lifestyle. If not, they want nothing to do with you. These kids are also known as "neo-hippies".
Rave kid 1: Man, I only got $10 for gas for you to give me a ride to this show. But, I got some dank!

Rave kid 2: It's whatever man. We can do dabs on the way there!

Rave kid 1: My mom called us rave kids before we left, what does that mean?

Rave kid 2: I dunno. Hurry up and get in! The guy who is selling pins 2 for $40 isn't going to be there long!
by DarthXanax February 25, 2013
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