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A whimsical pejorative term for certain elected members of the Democrat party, particularly race-baiting poverty pimps who send their children to private schools, yet fight like dogs to prevent even the poorest, most disadvantaged parents from using tax money to get their kids out of public schools whose main function is to keep the homicide rate down to a a few per week, and who rely on keeping poor people in a state of perpetual peonage for the political power.
"You'll never see a ratsocrat's kid attending a public school in the ghetto, cuz the public school doesn't serve sushi in the cafeteria."

"You can spot the ratsocrat by the length of the limousine from which he calls for higher taxes on the rich and for urgent action to prevent any aspect of school choice being made available to poor people."
by abelard January 17, 2008
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