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Rashing it, (not to be confused with the skin condition), derives from the famous teenage video gamer; Robert Rash. He is widely considered as the "minion destroyer" of various video games, one being an MMORPG called Runescape. He is predominately known for killing minions of strong boss monsters (such as Nex), while his teammates do the rest of the work for him. Robert over-excessively uses slang terms such as "Kappa" and "M8" to get his teammates to do his own work. Although Robert is most commonly known for destroying minions, he is also known for his tedious work in the fletching skill.

One who "rashes" is considered a guru at killing minions in a video game, and most likely doesn't know how to PvM(Player Vs. Monster).
Justin: You literally attacked the minion and just ignored the boss monster, what's wrong?
Ralph: I don't know, I guess you could say I was rashing it.
by Beyond Burnt December 15, 2014
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