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rapemeat means a girl who is so lustfully attractive that men only look at her unwillingly to fuck . she is so hot even if they not rapists they will be converted to one very soon, if she is about. not any man on the face of the planet would ask her out she is just a girl that would end up getting raped due to her skanky clothes and her lustful appeal.
did you see that jailbait girl nicky too bad cause she is jailbait rapemeat.
by cash james July 29, 2010
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A female that is either so sexy, slutty or bitchynd stuck up that she can be fucked in any manner willing or unwilling without fear of reprisal.
"Let's go to Brighton and fuck that rapemeat Hannah keep fucking her, she wont mind and she's had everyone else in the south of england."
by TheViolator222 July 13, 2009
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