Something that is said after a person has finished ranting (passionately complaining) about a subject which marks the end of the rant.
Person 1: I just really hate airplanes. They make so much noise, they waste so much energy and all for what? For just getting the rich and famous to where they need to be while us normies have to use the car to get around.
Person 2: ........
Person 1: Like, seriously, the world revolves around people who've got the moneyz, while if I want to get a flight to New York, I'll have to be crammed like a goddamn sardine because all the airplane companies care about is their profits.
Person 2: .......
Person 1: Rant over.
Person 2: Cool. So, wanna go to the beach?
Perosn 1: Heck yea!
by Neuron2282 April 26, 2020
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Is slang for run over or ran over. It is used when speaking aggressively or with emphasis to a person or persons that are in danger of being run over by a vehicle, animal, large person, etc..... it is the prediction of the end result in a situation if quick immediate action or changes are not taken or made.
You better hurry up and get out of the road before you get rant over!!! Your about to get rant the fuck over!
by jwatkins936 November 25, 2013
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1. A saying that everyone except Gen Z says after they talk about the same topic for an extended period of time to address multiple issues, concerns, complaints, and/or viewpoints.

2. What gen z says after they type more than 2 sentences
2. Omg the lineup at Starbucks was so long so I didn’t go today. RANT OVER LOL
by TheAlwaysCorrect1 May 15, 2023
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