A ticket issued by law enforcement.
The Department of Motor Vehicles threatened to suspend Fundo's driver's license if he did not respond to their ransom note.
by authoor June 18, 2006
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The style of reporting that has grown rapidly in popularity since the establishment of the FOX News company. This type of reporting cuts tiny pieces of real stories out of their surrounding context and reassembles them in a way that they can't be scrutinized easily and the assembled product has no truthful connection to the host story, (but they do get the Ransom-Note Reporter paid).
All that was left of that Reverend Wright sermon was the Ransom-Note Report after FOX News had their way with it. They sure know how to cut you without getting caught.

Michelle Obama's college term paper got used to make a Ransom-Note Report by some scared white people. They're all forwarding it around like it was important. Somebody sure is trying hard to keep the Whitehouse white.

Shoot, all that Bill O'Really guy does is Ransom-Note Reporting. He wouldn't have a job if he had to tell the truth.
by WNYmathGuy April 21, 2008
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