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A man who likes samosas.

A man who can jump high.

A man who drives a black truck.

A man who hooks up with trannies.

A man who has scottish ancestry.

A man who likes pop.

And ice cubs.

And orange eyebrows.

He also likes tiger tail ice cream.


and being Cool.

He may be gay.
Oh my gawd girls, A rannoch just tried to pick me up at the bar!!! He came over, grabbed my ass, challenged me to a one on one basketball game, and then snored like a vacuum
by alexlegge696969 February 13, 2011
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a hipster with a need for speed.

a girl who does the justin bieber hair flick.

someone who listens to bands that were around before thier parents where born.

that kid who always buys random junk they have no use for off ebay.

the person who cant sing for their life and likes to frequently remind everybody of it

a teenager who cannot speak a non-sarcastic sentence without turning into a unicorn.

always says things like "i liked them before they were cool" and "i donated to haiti before the disaster"

frequently draws moustaches on their fingers.

calls all mainstream popular music "coporate"

idea of skateboarding is to roll down a hill (holding the board to her chest)

denys being hipster.
Rannoch never misses the bus. It always catches up with her.
by brianistheman42 April 06, 2012
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