a little competition between a group of people to see who can do the weirdest thing. A good idea to win is to have some steak and gravy ready to pour on your head
It's between Tarro and Matt and DAn to win the random-off. their strange people
by wonderool March 23, 2004
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Random Pop-off Disorder (RPD) is a disorder that allows you to become god-tier at a video game's character/weapon/legend/gamemode and then taking that skill away from you the next day/week
*On a normal day Random Pop-off Disorder kicks in for Michael*
Michael: I just got a Pentakill with Yasuo! I'm so good at him!
*The next day*
Michael: We lost this game because I fed 0/15/3 with Yasuo...
by Ninja Yoshi July 4, 2020
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