A once great board that is now overrun by Pikadeth's Playhouse clones.
"Let's see what's going on in RI... all right, the new Playhouse is up! Wait, so is the new Mall Fight... and the Garden... and the Apartment..."
by annoying hamster August 23, 2003
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(1)A home for all the Randomly Insane people of GameFAQs.
(2)The dumping ground of the wave of filth that has infested GameFAQs since the LUE karma needs went up, steriLUEisation etc.
(3)The home of Pikadeth's Playhouse
This is Random Insanity, not Sexdom Inasnity or Random Sexuality or Sexdom Inasnisex - Quoted from Xas
by Jurgen Mudvayne January 15, 2004
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a board on game faqs that promotes stupidity
pikadeth enjoys posting on random insanity
by da cheese June 17, 2003
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A GameFAQs board. As the name implies, there are senseless, insane acts of posting, so expect very little serious discussions.
I just found RI. WH3333333333333333333333333333333!!!!!!
by dj gs68 May 16, 2003
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