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sneaks it in the back door and then when hes just about finished, he comes around the front full blast and outta control!
"damn bitch! you a mess! like your ass got rambo'd"
this term originates from the mean streets of glen burnie maryland.
by SlappyMeats February 26, 2007
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A fat cat that likes to beat his meat every 5 minutes
You're so Horny you beat your meat like every five minutes you little Rambod
by #I'mArambod May 24, 2018
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When you have a large machine gun in a First Person Shooter video game, and you hear an enemies footsteps, so you run around the corner and shoot left to right in a chainsaw fashion and yell/type RAMBO'D!!!!

I created this when me and my brother were playing Counter Strike on LAN, and I heard him, so I jumped out from around the corner and shot everywhere and yelled RAMBOOOO!!!

So instead of saying Rambo, I decided to turn it into a verb, like Rambo'D. Same as saying Pwn.
Machine Gunner: Dude, you got totally rambo'd!

Sniper: I know, I was not expecting that ramboness!
by GenocideJester October 08, 2009
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