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The act of driving like a retard when it starts to rain
The guy in front of me is driving like a total raintard
by Chilton Burr July 05, 2005
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A person who drives as though there is 4 feet of snow on the ground when it's only kinda raining.
Seriously!! It's a drizzle... Damn Raintard!!
by Pumpwumpkins January 24, 2015
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Acting like a combination of Rainman (Dustin Hoffman) and a Retard joined together.
Kayne is such a Raintard


did you see that guy Joe, he is acting like a complete raintard

Emma always says when you act like a rainman, you are a really a raintard, and they always think its their cousin fault!
by elwing* August 30, 2011
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