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n. The highest practical ranking of those skilled in the delicate and generous arts of cunnilingus, similar to becoming a 1st Degree Black Belt in Karate (demonstratinhg mastry of all skills). This rank is superior in rank to a Wing Commander, because one achieves this rank by acquiring the wings listed below, and only the first four are required for Wing Commander. Note that one is not awarded a set of wings unless the cunniligus recipient orgasms:

Red Wings -- Cunilingus during menstration.
Yellow Wings or Gold Wings -- Cunniligus during uriniation.
White Wings -- Cunnilingus after intercourse (and ejaculation).
Brown Wings -- Cunnilingus and analingus.
Silver Wings -- Cunnilingus while airborne. Note this is similar to membership in the Mile High Club, which is earned for any sexual activity while airborne.
Sam has become very popular with the ladies, now that he is a rainbow warrior.
by Dan Weyandt November 27, 2007
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A member (singular) of the University of Hawaiʻi's Basketball team. The Rainbow Warrior's title or nickname is applied to the basketball team.
UH Fan 1- "Yo brah, gonna catch the Rainbow Warriors game on boob tube tonight?"

Surfer 1-"No can will be surfing the tube!"
by Le Monster February 14, 2013
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NASCAR Driver Jeff Gorden

-He drives a multi-colored car that bears the number 24 and so people started calling him that name.

-It can also be used to describe a friend who looks like him or has gotten the number 24 on something
"Hey I heard that you got a Jeff Gorden on that test because of playing videos games"

"Yeah I did"

"You are now called Rainbow Warrior"
by airlaflair February 05, 2010
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