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1 (transitive verb)= to shift responsibility or blame elsewhere in front of one's boss, "pass the buck", cop out, dodge, duck, get out of, pass on, relay, slide out of.
2 (idiomatic)Raimondo's day= Blame Someone Else Day, held annually on the first Friday the 13th of the year. On that day, redirect the blame for anything to anyone besides yourself.

According to research done by the Beijing journal, Raimondo Day was invented by one Miss Lin Fo of Beijing in 1982. Her alarm clock did not go off when it was supposed to on Friday the 13th, and she overslept.

She was late for all of her appointments that day, so she had to come up with an excuse. After a few hours, Lin Fo realized telling people that her alarm clock didn't go off wasn't working out.

Lin Fo came up with other excuses to give to people that day -- blaming traffic lights, flat tires, etc. She realized she'd come up with a new idea for a holiday, and the idea caught on.
The other team raimondoed the referee rather than admitting that they had been defeated by better players.
by Mike Rossoft June 30, 2006
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